Elastix VoIP IP PBX Server

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Elastix VoIP IP PBX Server

Elastix, the free open telephony project

Elastix is a free open source telephony project since 2006, with 3 million downloads, helping thousands of small and large companies around the world by providing not only a free license, but an integrated solution to their communication problems.

Elastix is a successful project that grows every day due to the excellent work of many people, but we have limited resources to continue improvements in Elastix 2.5.

Some of the basic features Elastix provides users are:

• Voicemail

• Fax-to-email

• Support for softphones

• Web Configuration Interface

• Virtual conference room

• Call Recording

• Least Cost Routing

• Roaming Extensions

• Interconnection between PBXs

• Caller ID

• Advanced Reporting

and many more

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